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"Good company but poor senior leadership and management."

Operations Manager Current Employee · 21 Jun 2013


Some good colleagues who espouse teamwork and are willing to do beyond their duties to help one another to get the work done.


Poor leadership with no focus and bad people-management skills. Consultation about work is minimal, feedback is not taken seriously and follow-up is almost non-existent. Despite being a company which prides itself as a people company, the welfare of its front-line employees is always secondary to company KPI and profits. When things go wrong, the blame always goes to the operations managers and employees, never the senior managers. Self-interest prevails over teamwork.

Advice to Management

While promotion from within is a good practice, do it only when the candidate is truly qualified and suits the job. Don't do it just because you have problems hiring external candidates and you have vacancies to fill. Base your judgement on your own observation of what the employee can do and deliver, not from what you hear from other people who talks a lot but actually does very little. Experienced employees are an asset only when they are responsible in their work and do what they need to, not when they only know how to talk a lot on what should be done but never follows-through with what they say. Coach and train new employees adequately, don't assume they can pick-up everything themselves. Being busy doesn't take away the responsibility of making sure they are trained properly to do their jobs.

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