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Career Opportunities 1
Benefit Package 3
Collaboration 1
Feedback & Appraisal 1
Management 1
Work/Life Balance 1
Fairness 2
Business Outlook 2


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Freedom is abundant and we can claim all sorts of entertainment expenses to the company. There is lack of management control so people can order the wrong items and nobody knows what happened. The big boss loves to go after prestigious projects so it helps to decorate resumes.


Department managers care only for their skin and usually do not cooperate well with each other. People are suspicious of one another and backstab others to save themselves. The big boss has the habit to question and blame staff vigorously once things go wrong, which often happens. Employees come and go regularly, usually new staff will leave within 1 year. Employees are not allowed to speak up, outspoken staff are always let go.

Advice to Management

The management does not listen to advice so it is best for employees to be content, enjoy the outside entertainment and claim expenses to company.

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