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Career Opportunities 1
Benefit Package 3
Collaboration 2.5
Feedback & Appraisal 1
Management 1.5
Work/Life Balance 2.5
Fairness 1
Business Outlook 4


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Employee Reviews Total 2 reviews

"It's Seniority over Respect & Reason in this company."

2013 Former Employee · 27 Jun 2013


Large company with stable financials.


The company culture values seniority over anything else. Management and managers do not show respect & empathy to junior employees who are less experienced. There is also very little room for feedback and to offer counter suggestions. You will get frequent callings during after work hours and even public holidays. Management neglect employee's welfare rights. Male dominated environment where if you are not a male and not a Japanese, do not think of rising up the ranks.

Advice to Management

Respect your employees irregardless of their nationality, age, experience or gender.

"Very strong Japanese Culture: Seniority over everything else"

2013 Employee · 30 Jun 2013

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