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Setsco Review Detail

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"This company has a very stressful environment that filled with alots of OT but have good bonus. "

2011 Former Employee · 29 Jan 2013


They have good bonus for their staff. There will be opportunity to travel oversea to work and get experiences. Free transportation for lunch. The company is less strict on punctuality in the morning where you can be late for not more than 15 minutes because they understand about the bad traffic condition in the morning.


People there are too busy and it will require them to do alot of OTs. Thus, there isn't much work life balance. Transportations are not provided.

Advice to Management

I think that they need to have more welfare to the staff because they had been working alot and there is a need for work life balance. The management can increase the manpower to help with the workload or increase the pay for staff.

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