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Career Opportunities 1
Benefit Package 3
Collaboration 4
Feedback & Appraisal 1
Management 4
Work/Life Balance 2
Fairness 1
Business Outlook 4


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The friendly people, clear guidelines of work boundary, "prestige" reputation, beautiful work environment.


Too much red tape, aging workforce with yester-years mindset, restricted communication with top management, needs to go through rank and file to get approval for simple but expensive equipment, very slow career progression path, career progression depends on relationship rather than work ability. If you offend your supervisor because you have more work than her, your bonus will be affected, so does your appraisal.

Advice to Management

Have clearly set out career path or accelerated career schemes for both graduates and non-graduates. Be fair for those who have ability to do beautiful work and not rely on purely relationship or educational qualification to promote them to the next level. This will bring out the career happiness level. Do not try to maintain the typical Singapore/chinese work culture in today's Singapore. Allow peer appraisal and appeal for appraisal rating as appraisal should not be only limited to direct reporting executive.

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