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"Backward, stuck in their old ways with many old guards who refuse to see the light "

Business Analyst Current Employee · 21 Nov 2012


Location is great. If you like challenges, UOB Is the place to be as there are so many processes and issues management to keep your busy and challenged.


Bosses don't really know what they're doing and they preach fair dealing but really, the line managers are not that ethical. There are no nursing rooms in the entire company (despite it having two towers). It is also not handicapped-friendly. If you're in a wheelchair or have injured your leg and need to use clutches, good luck to using UOB Plaza 1. Pay does not commensurate with capabilities and experience. I just found out that I am severely underpaid after going for a few interviews.

Advice to Management

Managers are not born - they must be trained. Not everyone who does well at his job is a good manager. Management needs to know what the line managers are doing. Forcing sales staff to product push is unethical and a violation of fair dealing. Pls remove the black sheep and protect customers' interest.

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