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This company quickly and actively embraces new technologies and innovations. Adoption or roll-out of new tech can happen as frequently as two or three times a year. This is partly due to the company being the smallest in the ISP industry, so it is always desperately striving to step out of the shadows of everyone else.


The management of this company is engineering-centric. They are excellent at coming up with innovations and new tech, but they have no idea how to commercialize and monetize it. As a result, there is a constant cycle of "high hopes" when they come up with "the next big thing", then there is a period of confusion as they bungle the commercialization process, followed by frustration, anger and finger pointing when the idea flops on the marketplace. Also, due to their common engineering background, this management team seems to actively despise their sales and marketing colleagues. There is constant resistance to basic sales and marketing initiatives, there is open ridicule to the concept of "brand building", "awareness and publicity", "community outreach and engagement", etc. This company is completely lopsided, and it spends 90% of its energies on in-fighting while the rest of the industry ignores it and moves along. Internal politics of the basest and ugliest nature is a constant reality, with name calling and ugly jokes at a personal level being perpetuated by the management team themselves. Nicknames for staff members such as "Fat Boy", "Ah Lian", "Stupid Woman", "The Liar", etc are openly used in front of everybody. The nastiness does not stop there, as some of the more abusive members of the management will use verbal violence, shouting, threats, frank scoldings and just plain abusive behavior to intimidate those around them.

Advice to Management

There is nothing to say to the management, as the management is the problem. They cause damage to society when bright young people join the company, experience the company's unique brand of nastiness, struggle in confusion, suffer attacks when they try to do their jobs, then leave the company in sad desperation in order to save themselves. This is a classic case of "ships abandoning the sinking rat".

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