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Pleased to not be there anymore.

It all depends on your manager - I had a good manager for 4 years and enjoyed my job. When he left it changed for the worse.

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Management need to be proactive.

Enjoy work and colleagues, lucky to have an understanding and flexible boss, general environment is good and most people are good workers.

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Roller coaster ride with constant improvement

Employee salary is good. Working hours are good and flexible. Lots of opportunities by the company and the business itself. Colleagues are good to work with which creates a conducive working environment.

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Fair and progressive

The opportunity to be able to carry out a broad range of jobs, being able to work through the the chain of command as opportunities presented themselves. Being allowed & encouraged to upskill even outside your core tasks.

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Varied, doing a lot of different things.

Close to home, friendly colleagues, nice working environment, no real surprises day to day, nice location

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Secure and stable organisation

Security, good remuneration, challenging yet rewarding. Ability to move within the organisation.

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Financial control management & reporting

It is a major company in Australia and cares about its employees very much. Many employee benefits come with permanent staff.

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good experience at mid level

variety and diversity are what makes this company .they employ a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

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Used to be a great Dept to work in.

The work relations with all staff were of a very high standard. Staff would always be willing to help out whenever they could.

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A very difficult company to work for

Pay and benefits were slightly above average and the incentive share scheme appeared to be attractive (until the share price fell through the floor)

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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