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I enjoyed my position

The staff were great, everyone got along & helped each other out. Property management is very challenging & can be stressful at times.

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Most of the employees enjoy their time here

Company provides the necessary support to get the job done. In addition, the Human Resource people are very helpful and assist staff appropriately.

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Great company

Excellent exposure to industry workings, great networking opportunities, great brand name, able to drive projects independently.

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Not good

I like to have my projects run in my own way and under my control. I like to see my own innovations being implemented and working.

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Helpful colleagues around the company.

I like the way being treated around the company. Rational decisions being made, integrity between company and market place. the interaction between us to the industry is just sublime.

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Lengthy and boring

I like the fact that it pays me very well

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Not a difficult job.

Mentoring & assisting younger staff to make more of the opportunities available. Teaching older folk to be more comfortable with IT. Making their jobs easier with better use of IT.

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The work can be testing and rewarding and the friendships made lasting, there has been some offshore work which was enjoyable

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Professional and diversity

young, dynamic, energetic, high performance, recognised within the industry, minimal bureaucracy, fair, constantly growing and looking for ways to grow, reward success, very diverse hence economic condition has less impact, value innovation

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