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interesting and relaxed, much to learn

enjoy working in science with intelligent people, finding out about the world, inspiring young people, appreciate having flexible hours

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i work with students sitting exams

Being able to help students achieve their best and building relationships with them. Very satisfying.

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Friendly work environment.

Friendly and helpful community. Everyone I have met has been open and very helpful. Especially when I was first starting out.

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provides professional satisfaction

peer support, professional development opportunities, positive environment, interesting students, fun

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fair working hours and breaks. great benefits for permanent employees. flexible working hours. salary increment every 6 months

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Lately disappointed

Working and meeting with different people,looking for challenges,and to give good service and satisfaction to our guests

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Very good supportive & opportunity

Flexible times, pleasant environment, feel valued and feel I'm contributing and making a contribution

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contract not renewed

Prestigious university, recognition for work done, good environment to work in and some aspects the opportunity to give your take and get creative.

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Challenging environment.

The flexible working hours, the great personal relationships between everyone and good remuneration package.

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It is very stressful but pleasant.

We have the opportunity to work with a lot of different people also learn form them as well. People are friendly.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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