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Very Pleasant atmosphere.

Easy to work with the subordinates as well as superiors. Resources are always there when needed.

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interesting and relaxed, much to learn

enjoy working in science with intelligent people, finding out about the world, inspiring young people, appreciate having flexible hours

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a cycle over and over again

the long lunch breaks and bonuses at the end of the year. also i made a lot of friends in the company

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Team members working well together, interesting work, ability to be flexible with working hours/days

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There are plenty of opportunities.

Great company to work at because people are friendly and great social vibe. Plenty of room for growth and opportunity.

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Forward thinking collaborative workplace with fantastic salaries

Forward thinking workplace New technologies and training provided on a regular basis Great staff benefits (example gym, super, food outlets)

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Best job ever

The people I work with, the students and the environment that I work in make my job so much easier.

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Challenging environment.

The flexible working hours, the great personal relationships between everyone and good remuneration package.

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contract not renewed

Prestigious university, recognition for work done, good environment to work in and some aspects the opportunity to give your take and get creative.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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