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Its a great opportunistic environment.

I love the flexible hours as well as the family and friend orientated outlook.This fits my lifestyle

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flexibility...respect...authority....environment...lots of benefits flexibility...respect...........

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Has been a very positive experience.

My team is very supportive and work well together. I get a lot of support from them when I take leave.

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high turnover

Interesting and varied work with fun young graduates

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The people are excellent to work with.

The company cares about each and every employee. They are family friendly. The work is specialised and I feel that at the end of each day I have contributed to the overall excellence of the company.

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Life at Computershare

Company offers a flexible and friendly working environment. Company's brand name is well established and office location is situated at a convenient location.

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Fun and good

its flexible, and basically everything is under your own control, no pressure along job is done. i love my job

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great team to work with and easy to discuss problems and issues that make the work easier to perform

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I do my work and go home, all happy

Love the people I work with and I really enjoy helping my customers. They are very flexible as well for staff with difficult situations.

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Ongoing provides income all year round

Short days, up to 5 hours, yet consistent hours and ongoing employment provides income security for my family

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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