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Needs work

Multiculturalism Free shares and discounts Good company culture Nice office environment and company pride

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Not as much flexibility and opportunity post GFC

Merit-based promotions, equal opportunity for advancement and to influence decision-makers. A variety of tools and technologies available to support your work, ample resource centres which enable MOT/ITG to focus on their core tasks.

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Fulfilling, enjoyable

The staff welcome you as part of a family, always interesting, love meeting new people, great teamanship

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Challenging and rewarding at times

There are always good incentives when making sales and I just enjoy helping people out and making them understand the way private health insurance works and how important it is.

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My Retirement plan .

The staff I have could not have been betterhad I made up the scenario. I am the most fortunate of employers

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Company doing a great job admist the tough challenges ahead

Great colleagues. Company is supportive. Employee pay and benefits are great and company provides personal and career development opportunities for everyone.

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Started well. Poor management.

The other staff members who help each other. Pay was good. Close to home.

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the computer systems are outdated

They are smaller, not too big, more personal with customers. The staff are nice. My hours of work are great,part time.

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Varied. Tedious to very interesting.

Nice group of people. Range of projects to work on has been interesting (most of the time). Reasonable facilities available at the location.

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Team morale,benefits we received,the ability to improve and move up.Communication from leaders.performance evaluation

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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