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have 18 years experience in this job

i love that i am able to assist the public. i enjoy helping people in the hospital as they are going through different experiences with their loved ones illnesses or injuries

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Nothing too exciting

The pay is good, the hours are good. I get excellent amounts of annual leave and work outdoors. Most of the staff are great also

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always had work, always been happy

they always give work to you and all the centres are great. you can always get through to them to talk about stuff

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Mostly shift work

The variety of shifts to fit in with my family, good work life balance, meeting new people, diversity, friendly work atmosphere, being a caring role where I can help other people who are less fortunate and who have terminal illnesses.

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Its a very challenging job

That my work is constantly changing and it keeps me interested. There are many different departments you can transfer to and never get bored.

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Too full of nepotism, bullying and unprofessional people in the Corporate finance sector

I enjoyed working with the SAP system, learning to use advanced excel and some people on my team

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generally ok

Good working conditions and pay, can't complain pays the bills. Relatively flexible working arrangements which is nice, shows they value employees.

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Its very rewarding

The work life balance that the company provides for all employees and working close to home, less travel time.

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Never dull

I love the variation that comes with the job, along with the teachers and the children. The job is very rarely repetitive.

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Fun environment to work in.

It is a good company that i am interested in and i love working there. I also like the amount of career opportunities.

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