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Skilled work, short hours.

Good work conditions, easy commute, intelligent coworkers.

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Fun environment to work in.

It is a good company that i am interested in and i love working there. I also like the amount of career opportunities.

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Major change and reform agent

Reforming out of date policies and procedures. Engaging the private sector support and partner resourcing in local governent. Increasing ratepayers value for money

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The people I work with are wonderful.

One is actually very lucky to have employment these days. Everbody that works understands how lucky they are to have jobs, and the majority work very hard at what they do.

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Worked during a horrible period of illegal detention cases and organisational change

Work/life balance. Good opportunities to build flexi or overtime , take leave and the job paid well - especially good superannuation

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A learning experience

I like the variety of different transactions we do, and the problem solving. I also like the positive and constructive feedback that is given by managers so you can better yourself.

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Used, not rewarded

Good money, but no development, no money spent on training or development on staff. Dont know what else motivates its people.

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Poorly managed

Allows me to start early and finish early most days. Can take flex days occassionally and carer's leave.

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Risk averse and bureaucratic

Work in a field I enjoy with some autonomy, generally good work environment, convenient location and flexible work hours

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variety and challenge. No day is ever the same. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody is skilled at their occupation. constant opportunities to train in different areas

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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