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Supportive of staff, great work/life balance, broader Government opportunities

Open direction from the head of WorkSafe, nice office set up, great West Perth location, superb induction process, genuine and caring co-workers. They have employee welfare at the heart of the organisation by providing subsidised exercises, lunch time info sessions / guest speakers and much more. Cheap all day parking near by and great public transport access.

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enjoyable and most rewarding

meeting a variety of visitors, liasing with staff to make sure maintenance problems attended to promptly and grounds are kept neat and tidy

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have 18 years experience in this job

i love that i am able to assist the public. i enjoy helping people in the hospital as they are going through different experiences with their loved ones illnesses or injuries

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people not capable of doing their job

being busy all of the time, solving problems. being able to get the large amount of work completed.

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A learning experience

I like the variety of different transactions we do, and the problem solving. I also like the positive and constructive feedback that is given by managers so you can better yourself.

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Hate It

Absolutely nothing. There is nothing that i like about the company.

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do your work and defend yourself

I can perform the duties at home and do not have to follow a ridicolous dress code. It encourages me to be physically and mentally fit.

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it's a job

normal working hours and not that far from home compared to previous occupations which incurred a lot of travel

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it's generally fulfilling

mostly the ever changing diversity of the growing multi cultural population and the need for urban growth as well

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a chance to do the work I enjoy

I like the people I work with, the job I do, and the public I serve, and now that I am semi retired, without the responsibility I had before

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