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I enjoy going to work

The people that i work with. The atmosphere is great. When students achieve their goals. The graduation night, where every one gets dressed up.

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very complex, a lot of paperwork

Helping others less fortunate than myself and the shift roster rotates every 6 weeks which means we get a week off. The management are very fair and helpful.

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Great working atmosphere

I had great training, the people are great to work with and my manager was approachable and understanding. There are extra great benefits working for them.

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I liked the relationship i had with my drivers and this was reflected by the way the drivers respected my judgement and the way i treated all of them with respect.

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fairly good place to work

conditions are good the work is busy and varied and interesting. the people I work with are great and we get along very well and I enjoy it

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flexible work arrangements and task variety is present. Job security and I had a good line manager which made things easier.

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everybody is treated fairly and given the opportunity to advance, if you do well you get acknowledged

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good company

Rewarding work, friendly staff and boss, good support system to help you get your job done. Nice variety of work.

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stressful community based caring work

the vision is to give support to socially disadvantage, persons who fall through the welfare gap

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Working with the homeless

Caring for the homeless when they are not able to be cared for out on the streets and not sick enough to be hospitalised.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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