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I would recommend friends to work there

It is a company that has vision, benefits and rewards for staff. The company does well, the staff do well.

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Doing the same thing day in and day out

It's close to the city and has good public transport options. Especially if your train arrives late.

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very nice people to work

helping people learn more about vacuum cleaners and the different types of vacuums sharing people views and opinions

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I'm really happy here.

The location is great and they are helping me out with my fees and my education. I am learning a lot each month.

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I enjoy working in the hospital.

The fantastic people that I work with. We all work together well, sharing common goals and working to ensure world class treatment for our patients.

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Friendly appreciative company

I like the flexibility of the working hours, the friendly staff and management. Amcor is a good team

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Good experience in this company

Many challenges, meeting new people, ongoing training provided, good location, good pay, good communication between management teams and colleagues in this company.

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Reasonably good and enjoyable.

Other staff and the regular customers made it easy to go to work. I love the customer service aspect of a smaller retail shop

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Terrible work environment full of bullying and intimidation by incompetent executive managers

Working with suppliers and other lower level staff in a team environment. Occasional travel interstate. Nothing else other than this.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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