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Tiring, time consuming but fun.

The staff were unreal to work with. The boss and mangers became my friends. I was part of a team. I could always improve my skills through this company

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Great experience and good teamwork.

The team has great diversity, and able to work. In fact, diverse work teams bring high value to organizations.

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really good

i liked the environment, it was enjoyable enough to make time pass by relatively quickly. Like most casual jobs most of the people there were only going to stick around for a while so you got used to it.

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we have flexible hours safe conditions on going work which is expanding from down south to up north we are the only company doing this kind of work which has the benefit of job security

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enjoyable and teaching

No micro managing, staff managing themselves. This means that work is done and the employees' pace and the employee feels they have more input

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Like high school

Staff was nice to work with understanding of family so they were happy to swap shifts to help out if needed

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Very good

it is a clean and neat workplace to make a living. it is well structured and planned. it is well set out.

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Good ........

i like taking to the customers and helping them, i also love being the first to see new stock. I also love being able to take my friends out, with the money i earn.

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It's been comfortable and welcoming.

The casual hours and flexibility are good to balance with my university schedule. my workplace is close to my house.

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Meeting new customers and working with established representatives and enjoying the benefits of the work.

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