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Very good

it is a clean and neat workplace to make a living. it is well structured and planned. it is well set out.

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It's exciting and challenging

It's great meeting new people, motivating people to rise to new challenges. The perks are great too.

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Like high school

Staff was nice to work with understanding of family so they were happy to swap shifts to help out if needed

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Good so far but being pushed into sales

Good people to work With. I like what I sell. Live close to work. Customers are nice company is disorganized most of the time

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Great, friendly, helpful

The enjoy performing the duties required for my job description. Also the hours are good and flexible too

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really good

i liked the environment, it was enjoyable enough to make time pass by relatively quickly. Like most casual jobs most of the people there were only going to stick around for a while so you got used to it.

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It's been comfortable and welcoming.

The casual hours and flexibility are good to balance with my university schedule. my workplace is close to my house.

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Good ........

i like taking to the customers and helping them, i also love being the first to see new stock. I also love being able to take my friends out, with the money i earn.

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This was not a great experience for me.

The people that I worked with and working with the products we sold. Learning about the business, meeting reps.

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The experience at the company is good.

I like the freedom it offers, it I like the feeling of helping customers with their problems, it satisfies me.

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