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it pays my mortagage

the people i work with, flexibility coming back from maternity leave, it pays my mortgage, discounts at other stores under brand umbrella

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It's been comfortable and welcoming.

The casual hours and flexibility are good to balance with my university schedule. my workplace is close to my house.

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Good place to work, good staff

Outdoor work is good, work mates and great staff boss. Family oriented, always helpful and they listen to what we have to say

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Great discounts on clothing available for all staff

50% discount available to staff on full price merchandise Great working hours Flexible roster Exposure to several brands (Jacquie E, Portmans, Just Jeans, Smiggle)

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very hard work for very little pay.

i loved dealing with the public, loved my job and loved that everyday was different. business was very organised

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Great, friendly, helpful

The enjoy performing the duties required for my job description. Also the hours are good and flexible too

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very rewarding

I have enjoyed working here because it hasFriendly people good workmates career progression job security job training staff discount

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the pay that i get from the company is a decent amount so this is what is good

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Meeting new customers and working with established representatives and enjoying the benefits of the work.

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I learned a lot about customer service.

The flexible working hours and relaxed environment in which to work was enjoyable and made it easy and fun to come to work.

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