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Hands on experience, fair work ethics

Opportunity to step into the industry. Friendly, co-operative people. Good company to work for because of reputation.

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a very quiet software shop

Is a very quiet environment which I like because it allows me to concentrate and focus on my work which is why I like it

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relaxed environment, fun to play around. easy job to work at.

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It is a exciting experience.

I like working at Apple because I'm passionate about their products and I love helping people find new things.

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work independent of senior staff

Staff have sense of humour, working hours are flexible, staff happier, less stress, staff supportive

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The flexible hours, management are good and always listen if you have any problems and get them sorted

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happy, well balanced and fairness.

I like the the fairness of work performance and providing regular feedback on my work the most, they listen and discuss any issues on the feedback and reward program for high work performance.

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learn new things & update myself

polished professional approach/chance to improve my skills. Motivated Team who helps you in difficult situations.

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i found it rewarding, i enjoyed the challanges of meeting time lines and being directly involved in the admin of other branches

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really good company to work for

International company, streamlined processes and systems, everyone knows their role and where each other fits, when problems arise we communicate amongst ourselves and issues get solved.

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