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Good learning poor admin

The exposure to various industry segments and the opportunity to learn new skills and develop competencies.

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Nice experience overall

They have good work culture and people friendly environment. Can be better if they can pay well for critical positions. The management is friendly too.

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Customizing OS and attending to clients

Work Culture, Hierarchy,Management, environment and many other international standards, infrastructure.

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Thinking in the right direction

Very nice and friendly working environment, all people come together involve in cultural events, helps each other in technical issues

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It is like a dream job. Just Awesome.

I like its friendly environment, encouraging people around me gives a new ray of hope each day. That's what i like the most.

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Not recommended

I have not faced any high pressure situations, so the work life balance is fine. They offer flexible timings. The managers are helpful. They provide transport for odd hours.

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data entry

good environment in the company,coworkers are good, respecting and loving partner is also good

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Good Company for freshers and experienced both

PlacementIndia is a good company for freshers like me because it provides your an opportunity and platform to learn and prove yourself. In PlacementIndia you can learn so much from your senior members and co-workers . If you want to move your career forward and in positive direction then PlacementIndia is the right company to join.

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good and bad

There was a lot of independence in working earlier and one could get to be innovative however this is not so now

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Starting my work and learning.

Its a small firm and all people are from Surat so its friendly environment to work. And all of us have very similar backgrounds.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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