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I like the work culture most in my company. Company takes our personal commitments into consideration when on floor.

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The best employer.

the work culture is magnificient, and most beneficial employer to the employees and the good office space

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Very excellent and friendly experience

The vision of my company. The career growth and timely help by the management . The valued approach to handle all the situation

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salary is decent against industry standards....

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Worst company to work for.

The location. Its located in the heart of Mumbai. That's the only thing good abt it.

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A tough place to work due to frequent policy changes.

Seniors and managers are very helpful. This is a good place to learn. Also, Its has a great reputation in the industry and also as one of the most Valuable Companies in India. There are lots of Corporate Social Responsibilities of the Whole L&T Group.

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The experience was enriching

The best part was work life balance. There was not much stress at work and I also had a good salary.

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Sound Business Ethics

It is great pleasure to work with Geojit Comtrade Ltd. I am very obliged to Geojit Comtrade to work with you.

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I can say good or awesome

Our team work which is really awesome. do your work and enjoy. This is the main thing i like most of GE Money.

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It was amazing experience working there.

colleagues, trainer and manager were more of friends and very supportive. though some people at senior level used to have a superiority complex i believe.

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