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Salary is on time, travelling expenses, mobile expenses, office and administration are good, customers are nice.

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excellent and highly career oriented

career oriented and easy access to the higher management. work done is easily recognised. it is easier to reach higher goals in this career.

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Its just my job.

My place of posting has been rather good. Its close to my real place of residence, which in fact is very good. Overall its a big organisation but still it has a long way to go in terms of retaining its present employee strength.

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very good experience

my company is very good work. some hard because it is an insurance company but over all good and good salary

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JPM has an excellent work culture.

JPM has a brilliant work culture. There is a zero tolerance policy against any lack of integrity or unethical behaviours. Employees are generally co-operative. Great workplace for female employees.

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it is the good and hard working and best place to work and best place for banking for all the public people.

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Worth getting experience here

Supportive and experienced staff and higher vision. Yearly performance appraisal is good, ethics are here.

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Wide experience in all fields

Very good chance to work with more people and move the public by providing good customer service

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Excellent, learning

Peace of mind, no frustration or work-load, happiness, culture, people, incentives, working environment

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it's awesome with no back bending work

it's good working in LLC as the work here is only for a specific time allowing us to give time to family too

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