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very good

good support from staff active advice good communication good company rewarding job near to my home

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Its nice and challenging and enjoyable

It is multitasking work, challenging, environmental eco-friendly and new techniques implementation. searching for new opportunities in points of business.

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On par

the environment & work style of the company. the work pressure is good enough to achieve your target in time.

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very exciting and enjoyable job.

I like talking and building relationships with my customers and working hard to achieve my targets most.

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had good experience

The department was under my control so i enjoyed the free hand that was given to set up the department

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Qualified & Satisfied with the job and company

The company has a reputation for having the best quality assembly and yet produce at a low cost.

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Fair with lots of challenges.

Trainings and learning and development opportunities that company provide which helps us a lot.

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very intersting field

better income, goodwill, customer satisfaction, fast growing industry, responsibility, better lifestyle

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I'm glad to work here.

Its a multinational company and working culture is comparable to other big industries. It follows and uses all new and latest technology.

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Nice place to work

The administration is nice in my company, the opportunities are given equally to all employees. Strict but kind administration is in my company.

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