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Great Work Life Balance

Good locations and many other positive points which motivate me to stay on.

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i learned more about sales

I learnt to: Know My Customer Establish a good relationship with the Client Product pitching Convening Skills Communicate with the Client

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It is nice working here.

No one feels work pressure here, also the company provides a friendly and well co-coordinated environment.

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Not a very encouraging working environment

There was great scope for improvement with respect to the customer's image and perception of the company. Chinese bosses were not prepared to customize processes in line with the local indian customer's expectations.

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Its Good but not up to expectations

i just like how our director manages work with few resources. I also like the name of the organization in the market.

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good work has been properly rewarded

subordinates are so faithful, good team spirit, friendliness even from higher management, inputs are taken into account even if it comes from subordinates.

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Diamonds Manufacturing and jewelry

since 2005-2008 working hard and 15-16 hour a week work for this year.

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bad employee policies, poor pay packages

Freedom of work and thoughts, flexible work hours, work-life balance, opportunities, pay package,...

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Challenging yet Fulfilling Career at Enziq Solutions Pvt Ltd

I love the work culture and the team bonding here. The management is understanding while maintaining a strong grip at the outlook for the company's future.

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Good company with relaxed envrionment

Great pay packages and benefits. They provide good work-life balance. Its a place for someone who wants a comfortable and easy work life.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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