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Work with honesty in this company

I am very happy to connect with it as the work atmosphere is good for working and I have a good supervisor

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that it is a creative job and there is no interference in my work. I make my own decisions and implement.....

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Enjoying working with this company

People oriented organization. Higher management is quite comfortable to work with. They are quite open.

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When Working the support is very good

My team members are Very Supportive.They give support to work better.Having a very good understanding helps to work more efficiently.

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its good

it is a very comfortable working environment and the people and the team lead are very helpful to me in coping with my workload

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L & T is a good place for any Civil Engineer to improve himself.

L & T is a company that gives you the best opportunity to learn. There is great freedom of work which is generally better than other companies.

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Awesome place to work.

It has great work culture, very friendly colleagues, good perks and benefits and well supported by managers. Overall good work life

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Good experience

The company is innovative in their approach. They provide lots of benefits, and have good products to work on.

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Good company with relaxed envrionment

Great pay packages and benefits. They provide good work-life balance. Its a place for someone who wants a comfortable and easy work life.

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