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Good to learn about your work.

There is a great opportunity to learn about software development. But lack of equality affects a lot.

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Too early to predict.

I can balance my work life with my personal life at this company. I am allowed to go on leave to visit my husband.

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10 months

understand problems of to employees...this is best company for gaining knowledge

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Employee growth valued at Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd

I got a chance to work on numerous international clients projects. The Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd company gives deserving candidates an opportunity to grow.

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It is a nice opportunity that I am getting

I most like my job role here as a server administrator and the working culture in my current company

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Awesome place to work.

It has great work culture, very friendly colleagues, good perks and benefits and well supported by managers. Overall good work life

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Its good to work here - nice atmosphere and colleagues

Management and co-workers were very friendly and nice. It was very enjoyable and a great place to work for. The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing and talking to the customers

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i work independently in the office. Friendly environment , flexibility to work, colleagues coordination.

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that it is a creative job and there is no interference in my work. I make my own decisions and implement.....

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Good experience

The company is innovative in their approach. They provide lots of benefits, and have good products to work on.

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