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Fun and Intestesting

Colleagues and supervsiors are very nice. you can share with them anything about working over there. and they will be the first to help you.

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rewarding learning bright future

colleagues working with,friendliness working environment,bright future,fringe benefits,mid-year bonus

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Great opportunities for Growth in the company

Supportive and Opportunities for Growth Company. Management will take in suggestions and provide alternative solutions in the event that the suggestions is not feasible.

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Pleasant. There are systems.

The job scope, the stablity of the organisation, the worklife balance and activities initiated by the co.

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Innovative work experience and good and conductive environment for building constructive relationship good superiors supportive climate open climate and culture

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It has been great.

The working environment, open and enlightened concept. Fun people. Offers an experience close to private sector feel.

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Good experience, good pay. Dont expect to get promoted if you outperform your superior in work

Good experience overseas. Good pay. Able to meet people from other countries. Able to make lifelong buddies with colleagues at work.

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The work is quite routine and boring

The job is very stable since it is a government agency.

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Biased treatment based on solely on your qualifications and not on work performance.

I like the mission to serve the public and bringing the community together, I feel the organisation has its purpose for existence. The budget allowed for events were reasonable.

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Close knitted company as it is quite small - hope it stays that way

Good pay and good welfare. there are all kinds of interesting leaves such as ordinary sick leave where you can report sick even without MC. Occasional gifts like free movie tickets.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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