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IDC is quite an okay company

Great networking. It has a positive environment with friendly colleagues

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Interquest is a Pro-family Company

You will be rotated around in the company which will expose you to the different role and jobscope in the company. The benefit package is competitive. And overall, I am satisfied working with the senior management. Most importantly, the company is pro-family which is a plus points for working parents like me.

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good learning ground for personal growth

a lot of new challenges with new opportunities to learn new areas for personal growth and development

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Some may find working here to be a waste of time

The good thing about working here is that there are a huge variety of food that you can eat everyday as the office is very near many food places

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Great working experience, great company!

It is a proactive and diligent company with great management team.

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Good co-workers but company lacks foresight

Co-workers are awesome and we work as a team and a family. We put in hard work and have fun at the same time. The positive attitude in everyone helps to make the work enjoyable.

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Open working culture which is fun.

The work culture is such that employees enjoy doing work and yet have time to go out and do team-bonding activities. There are always good training sessions as well as informative session with external parties or CEO to development staff's skillset even more.

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Always on the move when working

Colleagues and management are friendly and are willing to help when you need them to which makes working rather pleasant.

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Fruitful and Enjoyable

I have gained alot of experience from the position. Being able to have subordinates under me have improved my supervisory skills.

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An excellent company with staffs welfare at heart, the best owner/boss you can ever find

A very pro-active employees and boss alike & always there to help whenever possible

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