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Profession and life outside the company

Ease of access to technology and cool products. Centralized work location. Many perks in employee benefits.

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Absolutely the worst company that I've worked with, dysfunctional in many areas

Allowed me to work closely with various types of hardware and software and learn independently

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Been a good experience so far

The most important thing is that there is great worklife balance

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Good pay and people, but poor hiring practice

A lot of work and overtime during high productivity period, but that means more pay. Fast income in 6 months 3rd shift is especially good

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Much of IBM's culture still remains.

Many opportunities to go on international ventures, co-workers are friendly and easy to work with. Company fosters a family-like culture.

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I feel privileged to be able to work with cutting edge technology

The company are filled with friendly people. They also ensure that the have the most updated cutting edge technologies. This is highly due to the fact that the management is forward-looking.

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Will not recommend this company

The pros of this company are having learned that patience is a virtue and manage ineffective management staff.

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Lacklustre performance here.

Emerging market in Asia gives this company some good prospects. Products developed are also viable and can sell pretty well.

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