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An organization that cares for its employees

The work environment in this company is conducive making it pleasant to work at. Management believes in expanding the skills of its employees. The company also has CSR programs.

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Going from bad to worse

The facilities on office campus are very nice to work at even when having to work on weekends. The work ethics amongst employees are also good.

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Relatively new, weak leadership

Relatively balanced social and work time. Reasonable salary renumeration & employee benefits/medical benefits.

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Flexible working hours, friendly colleagues Nice food in canteen Games computers are available

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It is a very good company to work for

The colleagues here are friendly which gives the whole company a very good experience to work in. There are also alot of career opportunities for everyone. Most importantly, the work life balance is there.

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Little process and things keep changing

Some colleagues are helpful and friendly which make my days in office more bearable. Tea lady is nice to service us on drinks and fruits

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Stimulating; an enriching journey.

As an international company known worldwide, it gives me great experience. It gives me a truly professional interface.

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Colleagues are good to work with.

The colleagues at the company are friendly, nice and helpful. Working time is flexible and most staff are proud to be a part of the company.

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it has been very pleasant thus far.

plenty of travel opportunities, good workers' benefits, overseas exchange, understanding colleagues, happy working environment

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exciting .

company will never retrench worker even it is economy down turn. every worker will have chance to prove their worthiness and best performer will have special bonus.every worker will be send to oversea for skill upgrade .

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